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Engineering Summit: ML/AI sessions

The Vilnius AI/ML Summit was a fantastic event! It was a great chance to dive deep into the world of artificial intelligence, with lively discussions and thought-provoking presentations that covered both the practical applications of AI and the complex technical challenges it presents.

A huge thanks to our incredible speakers: Jurgis Pašukonis from DeepMind, Nerijus Arlauskas from PIXEVIA, Arūnas Kareckas of Architus/Tide, Gytis Žilinskas from Genus AI, and Adas Vasiliauskas. Their insights were truly valuable.

This is just the beginning! We're committed to supporting our Lithuanian engineering community forward, so stay tuned for more exciting events coming your way.

Kaunas JUG

Sharing knowledge is super important because it helps everyone learn and grow together. Justas Eimutis, one of our awesome team members, rocked the Java community at the JUG event. His topic was all about making our online lives safer and easier. 

If you would like to learn more, click here "Bye, Passwords. For real!" .

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