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Fill a skills gap or quickly scale your existing capabilities with specialist technology and data science expertise

Our expertise

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Data Science & Analytics

Analyse structured and unstructured data to derive valuable insights, support decisions and detect risks in real time

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Artificial Intelligence

Take complex decision making, process automation and personalisation to the next level

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Business Process Optimisation

Streamline and simplify and end-to-end processes using integrated workflow tools and automation

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Robotic Process Automation

Replicate user actions to reduce or remove the need for human intervention in low complexity, high volume repetitive tasks

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Web & Mobile Development

Create engaging, interactive web and mobile experiences for specific business needs

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Platform Development

Create an ecosystem for your client and employee applications and tools, including access control and omni-channel orchestration


Financial Services

Our domain knowledge gives you a head start

We understand the needs of your employees and clients, and can quickly identify opportunities to deliver value for your business.

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Optimising back office

Optimisation of back office processes such as client onboarding, post trade and regulatory reporting can have a huge impact on efficiency while reducing operational risk. Replacing disjointed email and paper processes with integrated digital workflow tools, automating high volume repetitive tasks and even some more complex tasks can be achieved through a combination of our expertise. Data is at the core of back office and advance analytics offers many opportunities including real time compliance checks and risk detection.

Empowering front office

Front office employees have a continually growing number of applications, data sources and regulations to navigate. Providing them with information and tools in a contextual, personalised and timely manner, can have a huge impact on their ability to service clients. Data connectivity, advanced data analytics and visualisation makes this possible for any organisation, empowering their employees and enabling a more consistent and systematic approach to servicing clients.

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Creating engaging digital experience for clients

Boundaries between traditional and digital channels are now almost entirely eroded, and all client types - from institutional to corporate and private individuals - expect a consistent experience. Our expertise provides the opportunity to go a step further and gain a competitive advantage through engaging, interactive experiences.