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Transforming Financial Services 

Scale fast, increase quality and reduce costs by building world-class engineering, ML/AI and product teams

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Clients and partners

Build exceptional engineering teams -

Team custom-build for your organisation with the deep financial technology experience and skills you require

Varying levels of autonomy depending on your structure, while you remain fully in control and set the team’s agenda

Technology stack, tools, methodologies and development cycles aligned to your organisation

On-going team supervision, training and upskilling

New team in three simple steps -


Every team is fully bespoke based on your requirements. We conduct a talent search across 1,000s of engineering, product and design candidates to find people with the right skills, experience and cultural fit.


You get to interview and approve candidates who successfully pass our screening. Our three-stage engineer screening process includes a personal leadership as well as live coding tech assessment to find the top talent.


Your fully dedicated team is ready to start building. We take care of the admin - employment contracts, payroll, benefits, office space, hardware, local operations / legal / HR - so you can focus on the delivery.

Our services -


Dedicated teams

Teams built according to your requirements, managed directly by you as a flexible extension to your existing resources


Staff augmentation

Adding software engineers, ML/AI specialists, domain experts and other professionals to your teams to fill a specific skill gap.


Engineering centre as a service

We offer a comprehensive solution for business growth with experienced technology teams providing tailored solutions  for you. We offer team building, flexible infrastructure solutions, day to day operations and the option for team buyouts, designed to effectively scale your business with maximum adaptability.

Our approach -

Our model has been designed to address the common pitfalls of technology outsourcing – lack of transparency, complex pricing with hidden penalties, resources that do not have the required core competencies and technical skills for the role, and teams that are a poor cultural fit for an organisation. How do we achieve this?

Our expertise -

Data Science & Analytics

Product Management

ML Engineering & Applied AI


Web & Mobile Development

Financial Technology

Delivering excellence -

Experienced leadership

Our leadership team have many years
of experience building technology
teams and shipping products with mass adoption for startups and global enterprises in the UK, the US and Asia

High-quality talent

We employ the top 1% of nearshore engineers and other professionals through unrivalled local networks and a comprehensive four-stage screening process

Transparent model

We provide full transparency on fees and and reporting on development activity down to an individual team member level

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